Saturday, 31 March 2007

Introduction to 'The diary of a General'

as-salamu-'alaykum, may the peace of Allah (God) be upon you.

Here, will be the pages of my diary, and the diaries of many other Generals during the battle for The Quran as we lead campaigns to memorize this holy book.

We hope this to be a memorial of our struggles to reach the end, through the hardships that come with this battle. We also want this to be the source of inspiration for many others who wish to enlist themselves into this noble cause.

We are known as the 'Junood ul Quran', The Soldiers of The Quran. I bid all those in this campaign in all sectors and regions good luck and may Allah's help be with you at all times.

With you be peace.

Junood ul Quran

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